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Let The Games Begin 2024 Final Version .png

It’s the Athens 2024 Olympics and
Olivia and Zeke are there to win. 

Zeke Moyo is the star athlete of Team GB. He's in
Athens to claim the title of fastest man in the world. 

Olivia Nkomo is a fresh grad who runs on ambition.
She's in Athens to start her dream job at the Olympics.

When Olivia and Zeke collide – literally – on their first day, something unexpected begins... sparks fly.
But then Olivia’s dream job turns into a nightmare,
and the competition begins to stir up uncomfortable
memories from Zeke’s past.

Will they achieve their dreams? Will love become a hurdle? Or could running beside the right person change the game?

Now available to pre-order!


Let The Games Begin

 out July 2024 

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