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Your Real Money Stories


Anonymous. Honest. Real. Callers talk to the Money Medics about their private financial dilemmas and help shed some light on that most taboo topic: money. They’ll cover the topics everyone wants to hear about, but that no one wants to discuss, like money in relationships, the stigma of renting and how claiming benefits really feels.

"I think influencers are underpaid"

This episode’s anonymous guest lifts the lid on life as a social media influencer. She reveals how much she gets paid, the hidden costs and what she does to earn her money. Join the Money Medics team as they unravel the truth behind social media influencing.

“I lost £3k of my student loan in an investment scam”

After seeing some shiny ads on social media, this week’s anonymous interviewee invested some money through an online trading platform. The only catch was that it was an investment scam. How did it happen? What did he learn? Does he still invest online? 

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