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Each week on Pinned, we break down and unpack the biggest trends, memes and stories happening online.

From exploring the world of interactive sleep streamers to getting the 411 on the latest dramas happening between your favourite creators, Pinned has you covered.


According to a (misquoted) German politician, an episode of The Simpsons and TikTok the world was supposed to end on 24 September. But, SPOILER ALERT! It didn't. Once again another doomsday has been and gone, but that doesn't stop our feeds going mad when they are predicted.


This week Abi explores our obsession with the end of the world with journalist Katie Goh and, just in case, gets some practical tips from suvivalist Diana Hammil.

I Am Worried, Darling


EVERYONE is talking about Don't Worry Darling. From Spitgate to Miss Flo and everything in between, the internet has been flooded with theories, thoughts and feelings about the stars involved: Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles, Florence Pugh and Chris Pine.

In this week's episode of 'pinned', Abi Clarke is joined by TikTok's @producerliz as they get to the bottom of just what is going on, with what will surley be the film moment of the year!

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