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In Hysterics


In her new podcast In Hysterics, Dr Suba teams up with Daye to unravel taboos about women’s bodies. In each episode, she will speak to bright minds, thought leaders & the people you’ve just got to hear from. You will hear intimate stories, lessons and game-changing research that will challenge everything you thought you knew about the industry.

Femtech and Transforming The Tampon with

Valentina Milanova

Dr. Suba talks with Valentina Milanova, the founder of Daye,  a femtech company looking to raise the standards in gynae health. Valentina shares the story of how she launched Daye, reveals surprising truths about the women's health industry and talks about how Daye is revolutionizing the humble tampon. 

Endometriosis And

Chronic Pain with

Sarah Sharp

Dr. Suba talks with Sarah Sharp a chronic illness blogger with a passion for honesty, education and inclusivity.  Sarah takes us through her journey with endometriosis,  shares tips for how you can advocate for your own health and talks about the support she found before and during her diagnosis through online endometriosis communities. 

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