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History of The World's Greatest Nightclubs


Hosted by Ultra Naté and executive produced by Paris Hilton this is a 12-part podcast exploring how different clubs around the world revolutionized the way we party. 


Dancing brings us together. Whether that’s under a mirror ball in New York or out in the sun in Lagos. Beneath the glare of bright strobe lights in Berlin or while listening to the early sounds of a new genre in Detroit. 


Nightclubs change the way we see the world because the pure joy of a good party has the unique ability to transcend language, culture and place. To reach people from different parts of the world and unite them through the magical, unshakable, desire to… dance.


Nightclubs ushered in the birth of new genres, became hotspots for political activism and created space for people to lose themselves on the dance floor.

Nightclubs are sanctuaries where people find their chosen family. It's where you experience the joy of dancing in crowded rooms with people open to accepting you for who you are, or whoever you want to become, even if it’s only for the night.

Music Institute - Detroit, US

This is the story of how a Black-owned club in downtown Detroit became central to the birth of Techno.


The Music Institute was only open for 18 months, but in its short lifetime, it championed the birth of Techno music and became home to some of the most influential DJs and producers of its time.  It inspired a generation of young Black people to make genre shifting music that would be heard around the world for decades to come.

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